Colton Parish Council - Governance, Administration and Reports
last update 11th November 2016


Policies and Procedures

- Code of Conduct: (approved July 2012)
Standing Orders:  (approved July 2015)
Financial Regulations: (approved Sept 2015)
  • Other Documentation

- Publication Scheme (2015)
- Representatives on Working Groups and Outside Bodies 15/16

- Council's Action Plan for 2015/16
- Complaints Procedure
- Risk Assessment for 2015/16 and 2016/17
- Training Policy
- Clerk's Contract
- Lengthsman's Contract
- Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

  Clerk's qualifications:
- Certification in Local Council Administration (CiLCA)
- General Power of Competence (GPC)









Accounts for FY 15/16 (status as of 9th July 2016):

Accounts for FY 14/15:

Past Accounts

Councillor Guides and Forms









Colton Community Plan 2015

Chairman's Reports

Housing Needs Surveys    


        The above documents are also available in hard copy form and can be borrowed on application to the Clerk.